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Brave Dad Bashes Woke Brearley

Andrew Gutmann is mad as hell at his daughter's posh indoctrination center, and is not going to take it anymore
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The Brearley School is a posh private girls school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It costs $54,000 per year to send your daughter there. Brearley parent Andrew Gutmann is no longer going to throw his money down a rathole of radicalization. A reader of this blog whose daughter goes to Brearley sent me a scan of the following letter, which was sent this week to all Brearley parents by Mr. Gutmann:

Andrew Gutmann, I salute you! Come on, parents, don’t let him stand alone. Whether you send your kid to an expensive private school, or somewhere more ordinary, if they are indoctrinating your kids with this woke ideological crap, you have an obligation to speak up. As Mr. Gutmann says, “Silence is no longer an option.” Live not by lies!

UPDATE: They’re digging in:



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