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Beware of George Soros’ Trojan Horse Prosecutors

George Soros has been funding the campaigns of prosecutors intent on creating chaos rather than doing their jobs.

Cities across our nation are being burned and looted. Yet, some prosecutors are releasing rioters without charging them for their crimes. Still others are choosing not to prosecute whole categories of criminal activity.  Why are they failing to execute the laws set out by each state’s legislature?

The answer is that wealthy radicals led by billionaire George Soros have poured over $100 million in hard-to-trace dark money to fund political activities in races for state and local prosecutors. Their goal? To install far-left prosecutors to undermine the American justice system at every level. This may sound like another conspiracy theory. But the facts  are well documented. And it requires a concerted effort by those who believe in criminal justice reform—and also prioritize public safety—to act before more people are hurt and damage to the system becomes permanent.

Like the horse the Greeks presented to the Trojans as a peace offering, the prosecutors installed by Soros and his allies are not what they seem. These radicals are actually intent on destroying the criminal justice system. These purported “protectors of the rule of law” are actually its enemies, waging war from the inside.

Soros and his network of wealthy radicals believe the criminal justice system is so corrupt, so hopelessly racist, that justice is literally impossible. They have little interest in reforming the system. Instead, they want to destroy it from within.

They don’t engage the electorate by having an open debate about the criminal justice system. These billionaires seek to circumvent the entire democratic process by electing candidates who will refuse to enforce laws passed by the people through their representatives.

Equally disconcerting, these Trojan Horse prosecutors drop any pretense of impartiality.  They bring a highly charged political viewpoint to an office that is supposed to be apolitical. It’s no wonder that Soros-funded prosecutors like New York Attorney General Letitia James and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. have harassed President Trump with never-ending investigations and subpoenas. AG James is also trying to disband the NRA. Like Captain Ahab chasing after the white whale, they are obsessed with undermining the President, and ultimately our nation.

Sadly, the millions in contributions from the Soros network have allowed their far-left candidates to overwhelm their opponents by outspending them by as much as 3 to 1. One Democrat who was unseated by a Soros acolyte said, “This is an election that was bought, not won.”

Soros and his allies have installed “woke” prosecutors in 31 cities and counties, among them San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Portland, Dallas, and St. Louis! The tens of millions of Americans who live in those jurisdictions are paying a dear price for allowing Soros to buy prosecutors’ offices and weaponize the raw power that comes from the enforcement (or lack thereof) of the law.

Here are a few examples of the havoc that Trojan Horse prosecutors have brought to their communities. (Contributions from Soros-funded entities and allies are in parentheses):

  • After St. Louis erupted in violence, arson, and looting, Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner ($307,000) dismissed all charges against the 36 people arrested for that violence. In the last few days eight St. Louis police officers have been shot.
    • At the same time, Gardner rushed to file charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the homeowners who brandished (but did not use) guns at protestors who had entered the private street where the McCloskeys reside.
  • In Chicago, Illinois State’s Attorney Kim Foxx ($817,000) refused to prosecute rioters who violated the curfew imposed to quell the violence. “The question it comes down to is, is it a good use of our time and resources? No, it’s not.” What does she think would be a better use of her time and resources?
    • You probably remember Foxx. She dismissed the charges against Jussie Smollett, the actor who reported a hate crime attack against himself that turned out to be bogus. A judge removed Foxx from the case and assigned a special prosecutor who filed six new charges.
  • Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner ($1.7 Million) announced he won’t prosecute people arrested for the violence that rocked his city for days with widespread looting and many cars torched. His excuse for not holding the mob accountable for their violence was laughable. “Prosecution alone will achieve nothing close to justice—not when power imbalances and lack of accountability make it possible for government actors including police or prosecutors to regularly take life or liberty unjustly and face no criminal or career penalty.”
    • Given that Krasner’s career prior to his election had consisted of filing over 75 cases against the police and representing Occupy Philadelphia and Black Lives Matter, his cynical efforts should come as no surprise.  Indeed, Krasner’s hostility toward police was on display when his supporters repeatedly chanted “F*ck the police, F*ck the police” at his victory party.
    • US Attorney William McSwain commented that Krasner “is not even pretending to be a prosecutor. He calls himself a public defender with power. It’s almost like letting a fox into the hen house. Once he’s in, he’s trying to cause as much havoc as possible.” McSwain was right about Krasner. The DA has dropped charges on more than 60 percent of shooting cases, and he has dropped 37 percent of illegal firearms cases. Shooting incidents in Philadelphia are up 57% from last year, and there have been 201 homicides so far this year, up 24%. Finally, the Legislature stripped Krasner of his authority to prosecute gun crimes and gave it to the state’s attorney general.
  • San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin ($620,000) is the beau ideal of the Trojan Horse prosecutors. “The criminal justice system isn’t just massive and brutal, it’s also racist,” according to Boudin. He refuses to prosecute “quality-of-life crimes, such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc.” No wonder San Francisco has had to develop a special app to help pedestrians navigate piles of feces on their streets!
    • Under Boudin’s non-prosecution policies, homicides in the city are up 25%, burglary is up 42%, motor vehicle theft is up 31% and arson is up 45% compared to the same time period last year. Car break-ins have reached epidemic proportions, with roughly 70 smash-and-grabs a day.
    • Boudin’s background was perfect for Soros and the other billionaire revolutionaries. He moved to Venezuela to serve as an advisor to the brutal dictator Hugo Chavez because he admired the Communist’s use of power. Boudin’s parents were members of a Marxist terrorist group known as the Weather Underground. They participated in an armed robbery of a Brinks armored car. Two police officers and a security guard were gunned down and died in the botched robbery. Now, their son is picking up the flag of radicalism and carrying it forward.
    • When Boudin won, the crowd at his victory celebration repeatedly shouted “F*ck the POA (Police Officers Association)”— just like Krasner’s supporters did in Philadelphia.
  • In Portland, DA Mike Schmidt ($230,000) refuses to prosecute the rioters who have burned and looted his city for over 90 days straight. He said he would not prosecute “interfering with a peace officer, disorderly conduct in the second degree, criminal trespass in the first or second degree, escape in the third degree, and harassment and riot when it isn’t accompanied by a charge separate from this list.” He explained that the rioters “represent the instinctive reactions of people who have been gassed repeatedly, who have been struck with kinetic projectile weapons.”

These Trojan Horse prosecutors are really “social justice warriors.” They believe that prosecutors should make a priority of addressing social issues such as poverty, racism, sexism, and income inequality. Thus, public safety ranks below those social issues.

The radical funders have no interest in supporting prosecutors who have a solid record of working to fix the system. In fact, they have poured millions into campaigns to defeat respected prosecutors who have implemented proven reforms such as special courts for veterans, drug courts, and mental health courts.

Since 2018, Soros has made Virginia the focus of his efforts. And it has paid dividends. Trojan Horse candidates have taken over five of the largest prosecutor’s offices in the Commonwealth:  Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Albemarle, Portsmouth, and Loudoun.

The Loudoun County race is a prime example of the Soros strategy. Soros-funded groups spent $850,000 to defeat Nicole Wittman, a much-admired career prosecutor in Loudoun County, Virginia, who backed specialty courts, reformed the juvenile justice system, and prioritized violent crimes over casual marijuana use. The candidate who beat her was an attorney whose prosecutorial experience was limited to traffic violations for a municipality outside the county. But it’s hard to win when nearly a million dollars is spent on TV ads and community organizers on the ground working against you.

Now, Soros has the Los Angeles District Attorney in his sights. He and his allies have spent well over $1 million to defeat Jackie Lacey, a highly respected prosecutor who has made remarkable progress in diverting non-dangerous persons with mental illness into community treatment, freeing up costly jail beds for serious and violent offenders. Ironically, Lacey is an African-American woman. The candidate running to oust her? George Gascon, district attorney in San Francisco until recently.  The white male progressive is running on a platform to bring San Francisco values to the City of Angels.

Matthew Vadum of the Capitol Research Center sums up the effort to radicalize prosecutors’ offices well: “George Soros’s push to radically reshape the judiciary and elect extremist district attorneys across the country to weaken law enforcement and protect lawless sanctuary cities is bearing fruit… He wants to cripple police in order to advance the neo-Marxist abstraction known as social justice that simplistically breaks the world down into race, class, and sex or gender.”

The public will suffer when politically driven prosecutors focus not on public safety but on social issues. The police will be marginalized, communities will live in fear of violence, and the needs of victims will be ignored – all in the name of “social justice.”

Justice Brandeis famously wrote: “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” It is time for us to “shine some sunlight” on the disastrous policies of these Trojan Horse prosecutors, inform the voters so they can “disinfect” America’s prosecutor offices to make public safety the priority of our justice system again.

Pat Nolan is the Director, Center for Criminal Justice Reform at The American Conservative Union Foundation.