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What the ‘Dumpster Fire’ D.C. Metro Says About Federal Bureaucracy

City council just voted to impose a 500 percent tax hike on Uber and Lyft to save the subway. Really?

Juggalo Blues: Their Beef With FBI No Laughing Matter

Attempt of Left to appropriate clowns’ cause in D.C. fell short.

Bipartisan Predators

Opponents of big government will need to face down Republicans as well as Democrats.

Getting a Read on Rand Paul

The Kentucky senator remains a work in progress

A Stasi for America

The FBI’s long history of lawlessness

Leviathan’s Lies

Why Leaders Lie: The Truth About Lying in International Politics, John J. Mearsheimer, Oxford University Press, 160 pages

Worst and Brightest

Magic and Mayhem: The Delusions of American Foreign Policy From Korea to …

Assassin Nation

. Obama’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” test for killing Americans. By James …

Global Undemocratic Revolution

Freedom for Sale: Why the World Is Trading Democracy for Security, John Kampfner, Basic Books, 294 pages

National Disservice

President Obama’s feel-good draft

Health of the State

The president’s plan for your medical records

We Have Ways…

The Bush administration continues to disavow torture—and to officialize its practice.

Breaking Bush’s Resistance

A pending court case could expose the administration’s torture regime.

Working for the Clampdown

What might the president do with his new power to declare martial law?

Sins of Commission

For Bush, being tough on terror requires torture, secret prisons, and no accountability.

He Wrote the Book on Torture

War by Other Means: An Insider’s Account of the War on Terror, John Yoo, Atlantic Monthly Press, 224 pages

Our Dangerous Times

Today’s conservatives are eager to trade freedom for security.

Power of the Pen

The president uses signing statements to decree which laws apply to him.

Reach Out and Tap Someone

The NSA’s surveillance program undermines the rule of law without producing real gains in security.

Defining Democracy Down

Bush’s meddling in foreign elections undercuts his stated principles.

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