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Did the IRS Win the Election for Obama?

Stan Veuger of the American Enterprise Institute and a group of colleagues conducted a study which has led him…
Wick Allison June 24, 2013

Can Democrats Win Texas? Is the GOP Toast?

Looking at the results of the last three election cycles, it seems impossible. The Democratic Party in the state…
Wick Allison January 24, 2013

Grassroots? Dick Armey’s $8 Million Payout

Being a patriot has never been so profitable.  
Wick Allison December 5, 2012

Best Headline of the Day

“America’s 50 Worst State Legislatures” Hat tip to Mother Jones. The article is here.
Wick Allison December 5, 2012

The Real GOP Fiasco: Fairness

Why the Bush tax cuts for the rich have to go.
Wick Allison November 12, 2012

Holding the House: Races the GOP Needs to Win

We’ve worried recently about analyses showing the GOP could lose the House (and what the Democratic leadership would look like…
Wick Allison September 24, 2012

Dallas Fed President on Why He Opposed QE3

Richard Fisher says we don’t know much about why the economy is stalling, but we do know one thing:…
Wick Allison September 22, 2012

Could the GOP Lose the House? Egads!

Sam Wang at the Princeton Election Consortium is the first I’ve seen to even discuss the possibility, and he’s not…
Wick Allison September 20, 2012