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Bearing Blair

By Stuart Reid Let’s be fair. Not everything in Tony Blair’s girlish memoirs – he wrote them himself –…
Stuart Reid September 13, 2010

The Troubles I’ve Seen

I was in the Sunday Telegraph offices in London’s Docklands when, at a minute past 7 on the night…
Stuart Reid August 1, 2010

Plum Crazy

It is 35 years since P.G. Wodehouse died, and his reputation is as secure as ever. There was a…
Stuart Reid June 1, 2010

Caught in the Rye

Here’s one anniversary that has not yet piqued the curiosity of the New York Review of Books. It is…
Stuart Reid December 1, 2009

Is the Pope Capitalist?

Hilaire Belloc said, “Europe is the Faith and the Faith is Europe.” As far as Catholics such as George…
Stuart Reid September 1, 2009

What Is It Good For?

In the nuclear age, there can be no just war.
Stuart Reid May 18, 2009

Simple the Best

My guess is that if you were stuck on a National Review cruise to Alaska and were to ask…
Stuart Reid January 12, 2009

Day by the Pool

My poolside reading in Tuscany this summer was not Life With My Sister Madonna or Obama Nation or even…
Stuart Reid September 8, 2008