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Bearing Blair

By Stuart Reid Let’s be fair. Not everything in Tony Blair’s girlish …

The Troubles I’ve Seen

I was in the Sunday Telegraph offices in London’s Docklands when, at …

Plum Crazy

It is 35 years since P.G. Wodehouse died, and his reputation is …

Caught in the Rye

Here’s one anniversary that has not yet piqued the curiosity of the …

Is the Pope Capitalist?

Hilaire Belloc said, “Europe is the Faith and the Faith is Europe.” …

What Is It Good For?

In the nuclear age, there can be no just war.

Simple the Best

My guess is that if you were stuck on a National Review …

Day by the Pool

My poolside reading in Tuscany this summer was not Life With My …

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr. Novak?

We are a little slow here in Europe – it’s not just …

Church Cannon

Faith, Reason, and the War Against Jihadism: A Call to Action, George Weigel, Doubleday, 208 pages

The Doctors’ Plot

Britain keeps cool after the Iraq War spills over.

The End of the Affair

The breakdown of the Anglo-American alliance

The Anti-Europeans

Anti-Americanism has an evil twin: the neocon campaign to malign the West’s other democracies.