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Our Kurdish Hero…the Terrorist?

Trump wants to fete him in Washington, but the Turks want this SDF general extradited for crimes. How did we get here?
Scott Ritter November 4, 2019

The Four A’s of American Policy Failure in Syria

How events in Afghanistan, Astana, Adana, and Ankara all led to the victory of Russian diplomacy over U.S. force.
Scott Ritter October 21, 2019

Why the Syrian Kurds Aren’t Necessarily Our Friends

As usual, Beltway hawks and the media hive have oversimplified reality to advance their agendas.
Scott Ritter October 11, 2019

Is Europe Eyeing a ‘Reset’ With Russia?

While U.S. pols cling to Cold War posturing, leaders like Emmanuel Macron are finally facing new multipolar realities.
Scott Ritter September 24, 2019

A Nuclear Weapons Treaty Died Today

Armed with pen and clip board, our author was one of the first INF inspectors on the ground in Soviet Russia in 1988.
Scott Ritter August 2, 2019

Did Trump Just Threaten to Attack Iran With Nukes?

He said he could destroy Afghanistan but was signaling elsewhere. The scary part is there's already a plan.
Scott Ritter July 25, 2019

Strait of Hormuz: The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

U.S. sanctions have created a tinderbox as shown by recent UK-Iranian tanker clashes. All this needs is a spark.
Scott Ritter July 15, 2019

Red Line for War? Iran Blows Through Enrichment Limits

The two countries are on a collision course set by a bad nuke deal and even worse moves by the president.
Scott Ritter July 3, 2019