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Taxpayers Win as the Postal Service Gives the Boot

Turns out beleaguered agencies are capable of ending reckless private partnerships.

The United Nations is a Hotbed of Sexual Harassment

And without direct action from the U.S. and Europe, the problem will never be fixed.

How to Save the Postal Service Without Hiking Mail Rates

Let’s start by ending sweetheart deals to giant e-commerce companies, like Amazon.

The Pentagon: Incompetent on Cybersecurity

Despite using compromised technology, they’re now offering cyber protections to ordinary Americans. What could go wrong?

Trigger-Happy Defense Earmarking Leads to Even More F-35s

The plane has cost taxpayers an estimated $1.5 trillion and it’s still not ready for action.

With Trump, There’s Smoke and Sometimes Fire

Digging beyond the Tweet, real reporting shows the president gets it right once in a while.

The Little Known Black Hole in the Pentagon Budget

Congress is doing little to curb this opaque authority, another rabbit warren in the military industrial complex.

When UN Peacekeeping Goes Horribly Wrong

Taxpayers are paying billions for ineffective, corrupt, and in some cases predatory Blue Hats. Why?

The Postal Service & Amazon: Crony Capitalism Delivered to Your Door

About this, at least, Donald Trump is right.

The Navy Wants $1.5 Billion in Additional Goodies. We Want an Audit.

And this is after a record-spending budget agreement was already signed.

Congress Finally Dials Down Its Defense Slush Fund—But the Chicanery Isn’t Over

Think they’re reining in military waste? Watch the shell game.

Davos is Crony Capitalism on Steroids

“Where the elite, meet”—and reaffirm their mutual interests on either side of the revolving door.

No, Resurrecting Earmarks Won’t Make Congress Work Better

Contra Tyler Cowen, legislative gridlock was a huge problem long before pork was supposedly banned.

How the Military-Industrial Complex Hurts Service Member Safety

The Pentagon’s spending priorities are upside-down, and it’s putting our national security at risk.