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How Brexit is Turning into a Disaster for Ireland

As the British government fumbles and a hard border looms, the specter of violence has risen once again.

Britain’s Incompetent Conservatives Can’t Handle Brexit

Their response to the 2016 referendum has been deplorable to the point of unforgivable.

So You Want a Cultural Revolution?

When leftist radicals had no restraints, they got Mao

College Mob Rule: The Nuclear Option

American universities rely on public ignorance of accreditation.

We Need Civil Defense

The hostile critique of the 1952 “Duck and Cover” film missed the mark.

Egypt and the End of the Secular Middle East

When a state is destroyed, we have little idea what will grow from its ruins.

Communism for Kids

That’s a new book from MIT Press. No, really.

Scandal-Free Obama

It’s not that he did no wrong. It’s that conditions weren’t right for the public to care.

Don’t Forget the Epic Story of World War II

A new film celebrates individual heroism, but a larger narrative of national struggle is being lost.

What Was ‘America First’?

There were some anti-Semites in the original movement. But the movement was not about anti-Semitism.

Sexual Blackmail’s Long History

It’s hardly an unusual tactic for intelligence agencies.

Checks and Balances

The Electoral College is one way the Founders sought to implement them.

When ‘Paranoia’ Is Justified

Sometimes the monsters are real.

Will Faithless Electors Cause a Constitutional Crisis?

If the Electoral College goes rogue and selects Hillary Clinton, expect the worst.

White Christian Apocalypse?

That’s not what it means for America to become majority-minority.

Of Monsters and Black Lives

Everything ultimately depends on the availability of victims and the priority that society places on them.

Terrorism With the Religion Taken Out

Officials de-Islamize those who attack us.

Low-Tech Terror

What gun laws can’t prevent.

Is Brexit National Suicide?

As a nation dependent on trade, Britain is foolish to leave the EU.

Who Threatens Democracy?

Violent opposition to Trump is alarming.

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