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How Brexit is Turning into a Disaster for Ireland

As the British government fumbles and a hard border looms, the specter of violence has risen once again.
Philip Jenkins December 13, 2017

Britain’s Incompetent Conservatives Can’t Handle Brexit

Their response to the 2016 referendum has been deplorable to the point of unforgivable.
Philip Jenkins November 24, 2017

So You Want a Cultural Revolution?

When leftist radicals had no restraints, they got Mao
Philip Jenkins June 28, 2017

College Mob Rule: The Nuclear Option

American universities rely on public ignorance of accreditation.
Philip Jenkins June 14, 2017

We Need Civil Defense

The hostile critique of the 1952 “Duck and Cover” film missed the mark.
Philip Jenkins May 11, 2017

Egypt and the End of the Secular Middle East

When a state is destroyed, we have little idea what will grow from its ruins.
Philip Jenkins May 3, 2017

Communism for Kids

That’s a new book from MIT Press. No, really.
Philip Jenkins April 10, 2017

Scandal-Free Obama

It’s not that he did no wrong. It’s that conditions weren’t right for the public to care.
Philip Jenkins March 13, 2017