Author Archives: Peter W. Wood

House of Whim

The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction, Alan Jacobs, Oxford, 176 pages

Sounds of Silence

In Pursuit of Silence: Listening for Meaning in a World of Noise, George Prochnik, Doubleday, 352 pages

Is Our Children Learning?

The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education, Diane Ravitch, Basic Books, 296 pages

What Are Words Worth?

Stylized: A Slightly Obsessive History of Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style, Mark Garvey, Touchstone, 240 pages

Ode to Joy

Against Happiness: In Praise of Melancholy, Eric G. Wilson, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 176 pages

What’s So Great About Atheism?

What’s So Great About Christianity, Dinesh D’Souza, Regnery, 348 pages

Exporting Idiocracy

Sending American-style education to China could stunt the dragon’s rise.

Diary of a Mad Man

Holden Caulfield, the first alienated preppie

I Hate Therefore I Am

How outrage at particular policy became rage for its own sake

The Old College Try

A small evangelical college fights to save itself—and to steel its students for the secular marketplace.

Purple Reign

The color of self-esteem

Sex & Consequences

An anthropologist vindicates the traditional family.