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Houellebecq Hunts for Meaning in Rural France

His latest novel sees another protagonist in search of hope, only to come up short.
Paul Brian December 10, 2019

How Hollywood Subtly Reinforces Wage Slavery

Film and TV depictions of the working stiff today suggest that resistance is ultimately futile. Why?
Paul Brian November 12, 2019

Even Latin America’s Trump is Kowtowing to the Chinese

Bolsonaro is now aggressively courting Beijing investments. Was his populist rhetoric was just a matter of convenience?
Paul Brian November 1, 2019

The Election When Canadians Stopped Being Nice

It's been a brutal contest between Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer—and neither may end up as kingmaker.
Paul Brian October 21, 2019

The 2020 Candidates Bring a Lame Game

Despite the chaos of Trump, Republicans are actually far more unified and effective than their opponents.
Paul Brian October 16, 2019

In Defense of Male Fighting

Better that men should punch bullies than stew with rage and start thinking about bloodier forms of revenge.
Paul Brian September 23, 2019

Joe Walsh: Just Another Doomed Blowhard

Once again, we're forced to ask, is this really the best the Never Trumpers can do?
Paul Brian August 30, 2019

The Strange Case of Super CEO Marsha Lazareva

Why are Washington's who's who doing everything possible to exonerate this Russian national accused of embezzlement?
Paul Brian July 29, 2019