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A New Yellow Vest Movement in Germany?

Berlin hasn’t learned Paris’s lesson, chasing environmental policies that will harm the working class.

What I Saw at a Yellow Vest Protest in France

Tear gas, anger over the cost of living—the demonstrations that rocked Paris are still going strong.

Casinos Prey on the Left Behind

They profit off the addicted in hollowed out towns and cities—and the government facilitates this?

Canada’s Wannabe Trump Comes Up Short

Maxime Bernier might succeed in dividing the Conservative Party but ultimately he doesn’t understand his own base.

The Communalist Mormons Mitt Romney Would Have Hated

The United Order rejected GOP-style individualism in favor of shared cooperative projects and economic solidarity.

Houellebecq’s Incel Prophecy: The Alienated and Intimacy-Starved

Controversial writer foresaw the barbarities of the sexual marketplace that have left so many cold and dejected.

Fixing Western Democracy Must Start With Its Universal Values

A response to Shlomo Ben-Ami’s piece about how our elites got it wrong.

Get Ready for the Rise of Rob Ford’s Brother

Doug Ford is as outrageous as you’d expect, and proof that the Trump phenomenon is alive and well in Canada.

The Pathetic Inadequacy of the Trump Opposition

The hawks and internationalists who set our house on fire don’t now deserve the contract to rebuild it.