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Fighting for Wisdom Inside the Ring

This boxer's memoir is a good corrective to the “follow your dream” mantra---when the discovery is in losing, not winning.
Paul Beston April 25, 2019

Salvation Street

Mystery novelist Andrew Klavan’s inspiring Christian memoir
Paul Beston December 22, 2016

Steve Bartman and the Mob

The calls for him to return to Wrigley, supposedly to show that he is forgiven, obscure the fact that the need for forgiveness runs the other way.
Paul Beston October 28, 2016

Remembering Jim Morrison

The Doors frontman and his admiral father lived a generation's turmoil.
Paul Beston December 6, 2013

Walter Payton: Sweetness Unto Death

Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton, by Jeff Pearlman, Gotham Books, 496 pages By Paul Beston | October…
Paul Beston October 26, 2011

Fighting Words

At the Fights: American Writers on Boxing, George Kimball and John Schulian, eds., Library of America, 560 pages By…
Paul Beston April 21, 2011