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Patrick L. Anderson

Patrick L. Anderson founded consulting firm Anderson Economic Group in 1996. He serves as the company’s principal and chief executive officer, leading a team of experts with extensive knowledge of the automotive industry and clients in every auto sector. The company regularly updates its Automotive Dashboard, and has released two editions of the report “Real World Cost of Fueling EVs and ICE Vehicles.”

An accomplished author, Mr. Anderson has also written over 100 other published works, including the Economics of Business Valuation from Stanford University Press. Five of his articles have earned awards for outstanding writing.

Mr. Anderson, who served as deputy budget director for the State of Michigan under Governor John Engler and as chief of staff for the Michigan Department of State, has taken a leading role in several major public policy initiatives in his home state, including authoring the 1992 Term Limit Amendment to the Michigan Constitution and the 2006 initiated law that repealed the state’s 4-decade-old Single Business Tax.

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November/December 2022