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Civil War Begins When the Constitutional Order Breaks Down

The groundwork is clearly laid, and the majority of us think we are headed towards conflict, but what does history tell us?
Michael Vlahos November 4, 2019

We Were Made for Civil War

America was built on the politics of division. But can it stop itself from coming apart at the seams?
Michael Vlahos October 29, 2018

Thor: Superhero, Überman

How did American and Nazi comic book heroes become brothers-in-arms?
Michael Vlahos November 8, 2017

Sebastian Gorka: Failed Courtier in a Killer Culture

He played for the 'deplorables' -- he just didn't know the rules.
Michael Vlahos September 5, 2017

Who Did Thucydides Trap?

A challenge to Graham Allison's pop-theory that U.S., China headed for 'epic' conflict.
Michael Vlahos July 5, 2017

“Gangs of Aleppo” and the Rise of Alternative Societies

Bill Lind’s piece powerfully identifies the breakdown of the state and the rise of alternative communities — for him, gangs.…
Michael Vlahos August 29, 2012

The Fall of Modernity

We are losing our wars in the Muslim world because our vision of history is at odds with reality.…
Michael Vlahos February 26, 2007

The Weakness of Empire

History has not dealt kindly with imperial ambitions, and America, however benevolent her intent, cannot hope to be an exception.
Michael Vlahos May 22, 2006