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We Were Made for Civil War

America was built on the politics of division. But can it stop itself from coming apart at the seams?

Thor: Superhero, Überman

How did American and Nazi comic book heroes become brothers-in-arms?

Sebastian Gorka: Failed Courtier in a Killer Culture

He played for the ‘deplorables’ — he just didn’t know the rules.

Who Did Thucydides Trap?

A challenge to Graham Allison’s pop-theory that U.S., China headed for ‘epic’ conflict.

“Gangs of Aleppo” and the Rise of Alternative Societies

Bill Lind’s piece powerfully identifies the breakdown of the state and the rise …

The Fall of Modernity

We are losing our wars in the Muslim world because our vision …

The Weakness of Empire

History has not dealt kindly with imperial ambitions, and America, however benevolent her intent, cannot hope to be an exception.