Michael Warren Davis

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Rubio and the Rise of the Neoreactionaries

Maybe the Republican establishment is finally ready to part ways with its market fundamentalism
Michael Warren Davis November 8, 2019

Drowning in the Internet’s Political Sewers

Contra Elizabeth Warren, you can't make a cesspool smell better by introducing more competition.
Michael Warren Davis July 18, 2019

Welcome to the Hellfire Club

Our elites cavorted with a pedophile, almost certainly aware of what he was up to. This is how revolutions begin.
Michael Warren Davis July 11, 2019

Academic Freedom is Nonsense

Forget the "free exchange of ideas": students' minds need to be formed and universities need to safeguard our cultural heritage.
Michael Warren Davis July 9, 2019

Make America Good Again

This Fourth of July, remember well that ours is a country founded on the Christian idea of love.
Michael Warren Davis July 4, 2019

Trump is Our Best Hope for Peace in the Middle East

The only thing standing between us and madmen like John Bolton is his common sense.
Michael Warren Davis June 25, 2019

Don’t Go to College

Too many young adults emerge from universities with so little. Why not learn a trade instead?
Michael Warren Davis June 18, 2019

‘Luddite’ Shouldn’t Be a Dirty Word

If it means shutting off social media and putting down our phones, then we should all be so fortunate.
Michael Warren Davis May 16, 2019