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Why Victims’ Rights Laws Are a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

A billionaire’s emotional crusade to amend every state constitution could have disastrous consequences.

The Dark Heart of Progressivism

A conversation with Thomas C. Leonard, author of Illiberal Reformers.

Progressive Eugenics

Many of the Left’s signature policies have origins in the most illiberal forms of social engineering.

The Logic of the Police State

What happens when law enforcement sees civil liberties as an impediment to public safety.

Why Read Christopher Lasch?

The conservative radical has answers to Charles Murray’s hard questions.

What’s Left After Marx

Marxism remains useful, vibrant, and relevant as a critique of capitalism—just not as a political program.

Martial Law Enforcement

How the excessive militarization of the police is turning cops into counterinsurgents

The Surveillance State Attacks the First Amendment

Domestic intelligence stings have waived the rights of American Muslims.

McChrystal’s War

The amoral architect of the futile U.S. strategy in Afghanistan