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When a Court Allows Your Boy to Become a Girl

It's happening in Texas, showing just how far coercive trans ideology has wormed into our culture.
Libby Emmons October 24, 2019

Gender Neutral Bathrooms and the Middle School Girl

At the risk of upsetting prevailing sensitivities, a woman's argument for maintaining sex-segregated spaces.
Libby Emmons October 15, 2019

I’m a Feminist Who Was Purged by the Trans Left

Because I don't believe children should be medically malformed and that gender is just a costume and "a feeling."
Libby Emmons September 12, 2019

Sex Magic: Teen Vogue’s Latest Effort to Derail Young Girls

The magazine tells tweens they can achieve their goals and change the world through self-pleasure.
Libby Emmons July 1, 2019