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Not Your Founders’ Constitution

The problem with relying on federal courts to protect liberty.

Can You Trust James Madison?

A new book on the founding father complicates the Philadelphia Convention cult’s enterprise.

Hamilton Takes Broadway

A Founding Father gets his due—in a hip-hop musical.

America’s Kingly Constitution

The imperial presidency is a product of our nation’s framing. Were there monarchists among the Founders?

James Madison, Cheney-Style

Lynne Cheney’s love letter to the fourth president exaggerates more than it enlightens.

Do We Need a New Constitutional Convention?

Talk radio’s Mark Levin makes a strangely familiar case in his new book, The Liberty Amendments

Constitutional Calvinist

Roger Sherman’s role in the creation of the American republic

Misjudging Rehnquist

Appraising the Supreme Court’s most Jeffersonian justice

General Ignorance

Petraeus for VP? Both parties have a long, dismal history of nominating unqualified generals.

Originalism vs. Obamacare

What the Founders thought of the power-grab behind Obamacare is revealed in the Constitution’s ratifying debates.

Tyranny of the Judiciary

Under the guise of following the Constitution, our legal elites usurp it.