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Why We Like Ike

Eisenhower’s greatest strength? Knowing how to assess human beings and use them to America’s benefit.

Does the U.S. Need ‘Deep Engagement’?

The case for projecting power while limiting wars of choice.

Brent Scowcroft: Realist Republican

Can today’s GOP produce foreign-policy minds as wise as the one revealed in this biography of Bush I’s national-security adviser?

Why Kennan Matters

He conceived the winning strategy for the Cold War, and his classic work American Diplomacy still imparts urgent lessons.

The Spy Who Bored Me

Ian McEwan’s disappointing Cold War tale

Impaired Visions

Thomas Sowell’s thinking is blinded by partisanship.

Can Democrats Get Realist?

Why the best minds of international power politics are leaving the GOP

Kennan’s Opposite

John Lewis Gaddis wrote the book on containment’s architect— but he didn’t follow it.

Stop Imagining

. John Lennon lived long enough to change his mind about God, …

Best & Brightest

From Vietnam to Palestine, George Ball got it right.

Party of One

The unorthodox libertarianism of Nat Hentoff