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When SWAT Raids Are Routine

A conversation with the director of the documentary Do Not Resist.
John Payne December 15, 2016

Is Missouri Still a Bellwether?

The longtime debate site remains purple—just not in presidential elections.
John Payne October 7, 2016

Ferguson and the Troubled Spirit of St. Louis

A resident reports on the problems plaguing his city, its suburbs, and the nation.
John Payne August 19, 2014

Drugs in Context

A neuroscientist busts the myth of the zombified user, restoring the agency of addicts.
John Payne June 26, 2014

How Police Became a Standing Army

Proliferating SWAT squads and other heavy-handed tactics are turning all of America into a hostage situation.
John Payne January 2, 2014

Occupy Wall Street: An Addendum

I was extremely pleased to see my take on the original Occupy Wall Street protest posted online yesterday, but…
John Payne November 4, 2011

Welcome to the Occupation

Wall Street protesters share the Tea Party’s illusions
John Payne November 3, 2011

Being the Police Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

My parents own two flower shops in my hometown, and as I was growing up I worked there after…
John Payne October 25, 2011