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A Watered Down Ruth Bader Ginsburg

On the Basis of Sex, though well-acted, sidesteps tough questions of justice in favor of mass appeal.

Widows is a Dirge More Than a Caper

The brilliance of its components is utterly absent from the finished product.

First Man: STEM Gets the Humanities Treatment

Damien Chazelle’s moon landing film eschews scientistic triumphalism in favor of raw fear and love.

Christopher Robin: A Winnie the Pooh Movie for Adults

Finally, a summer film that’s light on CGI and demographic pandering, and heavy on joy.

Mister Rogers’ Ministry

A new documentary on the life of Fred Rogers rekindles the transformative power of neighborliness.

In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, a Consistent Life Ethic Finds a Way

More than its predecessors, this dino thriller comes with a strong natural-law sense of right and wrong.

A Hollywood Movie About Christianity Worth Seeing

“First Reformed” is multilayered, artistic, and serious: there should be far more movies like this.

Chappaquiddick: No Mercy for Ted Kennedy

The new film is painful, hypnotizing, and will leave viewers longing for justice.

The Self-Acceptance Cult Claims A Wrinkle in Time

Forget self-sacrifice, ’tis better to demand love than learn how to give it in this Hollywood aberration.

The Ideological Clash at the Heart of Black Panther

Far more than globalist propaganda, the movie tackles tough issues of race, place, and culture.