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Critics Whine But Joker is Gloriously Apolitical

And rightly so, eschewing present controversies (and possible Oscar nods) in favor of a tale of timeless evil.
Jeremy Lott October 23, 2019

Martin Luther King, Peacemaker

King’s close followers from his hometown did not join in the rioting after his violent end—perhaps because he had prepared them for it.
Jeremy Lott January 1, 2019

The First War on Christmas

There's more to the story than no room at the inn.
Jeremy Lott December 26, 2018

When Bush Was Reagan’s Partner

The improbable alliance that paved the way for the 41st president.
Jeremy Lott December 5, 2018

The Fall of Football

Why the discipline, drama, and "brutal beauty" of America's favorite game are worth saving
Jeremy Lott January 31, 2014

Latter-Day President

It would be easy to come up with a long list of secular reasons why Mitt Romney and Jon…
Jeremy Lott July 11, 2011

CAIR Package

A Muslim civil rights group tests the limits of American pluralism.
Jeremy Lott February 10, 2003