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What National Review Gets Wrong About Civil War

One of their writers says violence is unlikely because America is a marketplace. That’s cold comfort.

Our Politics Shouldn’t Be a UFC Fight

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New York City: The Last Conservative Place Left

No one is quicker to fight for place and home than native New Yorkers.

Hegel: The Uninvited Guest at the Conservative Party

Is David Brooks openly flirting with the state-worship of this vexing 19th Century philosopher?

Knock It Off With the ‘Little Platoons’ Already

Burke’s most famous phrase is overused and doesn’t mean what many conservatives think it does.

Goldman Sachs Lobby Art Explains Everything That’s Wrong With Our Elites

What this $5 million mural says about art and finance stewing in the same nihilistic culture pot.

Why Conservatives Want Kanye to Be One of Them

The popular rapper has made waves with his support of Trump and quoting Thomas Sowell. But to what end?