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Did Trump and Bolton Sabotage a North Korea Deal?

Whether this started as a cynical ploy to distract from domestic politics or not, it’s all rapidly devolving into ‘an utter disaster.’

The Promise in This Week’s ‘Failed’ Trump-Kim Talks

Now is the time to bring in the one person capable of putting the talks back on track: Moon Jae-in.

Trump Has a Chance for a History-Making Deal With North Korea

A lot could go wrong at the Vietnam talks. But success could finally bring peace to the Korean Peninsula.

What if Trump’s Trade War With China Goes Too Well?

A conversation with a former administration staffer reveals a hawkish mindset that could be disastrous.

Nikki Haley Almost Started a Nuclear War

“Future president”? Her reckless words against North Korea could have created a calamity.

Nikki Haley: Trump’s Baghdad Bob

Her biggest problem as UN ambassador was simple: she was totally out of her depth.

Donald Trump Must Go to North Korea Now

While that might seem premature and perhaps a little unhinged, follow my logic for a moment.

Accepting a Nuclear North Korea to Contain China

Even a superpower can’t have everything it wants. Right now Beijing is the bigger problem.

I Was That Morbidly Obese Guy

Our writer confronts his (formerly) fat self and the culture that both shamed and enabled him.

The Trump Doctrine Has Foreign Policy Elites Pulling Out Their Hair

But his policies are, in fact, right out of the standard GOP playbook.

The Coming American-Russian Alliance Against China

Why not? A rising power challenging the international order can make even sworn enemies into bedfellows.

Forget War: Containment is the Best Way to Deal With North Korea

If it worked during the high stakes of the Cold War, it can work now, too.

Holding Out Hope for a North Korea Deal

It could still happen despite Kim’s reneging. And if not, containment remains the best approach.

The Biggest Loser From a Successful Trump-Kim Summit: China

A denuclearized North Korea could arrest Beijing’s rise. Here’s why.

Trump’s Geopolitical Hail Mary

The U.S.-DPRK summit is one of the riskiest—and potentially most rewarding—foreign policy moves in history.

North Korea’s Olympics Rapprochement: A Global Scam

Enjoy the games for what they are, a choreographed distraction from what is to come.

A War of Choice With North Korea is an Immensely Dumb Idea

Sometimes we must choose between bad options, but a unilateral strike would be the worst.

Face It, The Mighty U.S. Aircraft Carrier is Finished

The first step is acknowledging that in a standoff, it could lose, and badly.

The World Needs to Prepare for ‘Peaked China’

Bad economics = China won’t be a superpower.

Memo to Trump: Contain North Korea, Don’t Attack It

As the president departs for Asia, the risk of devastating war still looms.

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