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Brett Kavanaugh Needs to Check His Executive Privilege

Despite what his defenders say, it’s not true that the nominee is agnostic about the constitutionality of prosecuting a sitting president.

David Frum: The Wrong Man

He wants to be the anti-Trump Whittaker Chambers. His past extremism and present histrionics make that an ill-fitting role.

Donald Trump Flaunts the Dangers of Presidential Power

HIs erratic behavior isn’t going to weaken his office: just the opposite.

James Bond’s ‘Royale’ With Cheese

In “Spectre,” the spy series returns to good, campy fun.

The FBI’s Homemade Mobster

A ghoulish Johnny Depp channels Whitey Bulger’s malice in a story of literal “gangster government.”

Kennedy Was No Conservative

Ira Stoll’s new book is wrong to claim JFK for the right—he was a thorough statist.

Hail to the Tyrant

Executive Unbound: After the Madisonian Republic, Eric Posner and Adrian Vermeule, Oxford …