Eve Tushnet

Eve Tushnet is a writer in Washington, DC. She blogs at Patheos and has written for Commonweal, USA Today, and the Weekly Standard, among other publications. She is working on a book on vocation for gay Catholics. Her email is [email protected] and she can be found on Twitter at @evetushnet.

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Who Exactly Is The ‘Parasite’?

This new genre-bending film from South Korea delivers a sophisticated upstairs-downstairs with a macabre twist.
Eve Tushnet November 29, 2019

The Christian Case for Punishment

This is about 'restorative justice' and righting the balance between the powerful and powerless.
Eve Tushnet June 4, 2019

The Cartoon That Hits Home in Our #MeToo Era

BoJack Horseman tackles sin and forgiveness in a way that few other shows do.
Eve Tushnet October 18, 2018

Finding the Literary Truths in Alcoholism and Recovery

New memoir tackles personal addiction and familiar tropes about creativity under the influence.
Eve Tushnet July 6, 2018

Open relationships are torture

'The Commune' is a Punishing Movie
Eve Tushnet June 21, 2017

The Long Years After Failure

After the Storm is a slow movie about a hard passage in middle-aged life.
Eve Tushnet April 7, 2017

Grandfather Had Fangs

Snakish is a novel about decline and fall, the passing of a way of life.
Eve Tushnet March 10, 2017

Spirits, What Have You to Say?

A movie about a haunted Ouija board has surprising depth—until it falls apart.
Eve Tushnet December 2, 2016