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More Allies, More War?

America’s commitments abroad are not making us safer.

From Sarajevo to the Senkakus

Disputed islands may be the spark that ignites a Sino-Japanese conflagration.

The Irrelevance of Susan Rice

The next secretary of state must restore non-militarized diplomacy–and the ambassador won’t.

Assange Is America’s Pussy Riot

Britain and the U.S. make fools of themselves over the WikiLeaks fugitive.

Diplomacy by Drone

Our Predators are turning an ally into a victim–and perhaps an enemy.

Why Afghans Are Turning on Their U.S. “Allies”

Oh Lord Shiva, protect us from the fang of the cobra, the …

A Gentle Voice of Reason for America

NEW YORK — America has come back, at least politically, to where …

The Dear Leader’s Death Creates Dangers and Hopes

The death last weekend of North Korea’s “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-il  presents …

Time to Apologize for the West’s Shameful Support of Dictatorship in Egypt

CAIRO — Tahrir Square, epicenter of the earthquake that ousted Egypt’s western-backed …

Who Won the Iraq War?

As the troops come home, it’s time to count the cost.

Nuclear Hysteria on Iran

NEW YORK – The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) long awaited, much …

Zorba—Less Dancing, More Work

NEW YORK – Why should 330 million Europeans face a financial and …

The Gaddafi I Knew

“What’s going on, what’s happening,” a wounded, dazed Muammar Gadaffi reportedly asked …

Unhappy Anniversary, Afghanistan

By Eric S. Margolis | October 14, 2011 NEW YORK–Operation Enduring Freedom …

Blaming Pakistan for a Lost War

By Eric S. Margolis |  September 30, 2011 It’s awfully hard for …

Osama’s Ghost

Bin Laden is dead, but his strategy still bleeds the United States.

Fall of the Raj

Egyptians revolted against American rule as well as Mubarak’s. By Eric Margolis …

Dangerous Liaison

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad courts Iraq.

Coalition of the Coerced

America’s allies rethink their Iraq commitment.

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