Author Archives: E.J. Hutchinson

Othello and the Nature of Everyday Evil

Through the character Iago, Shakespeare explored how depravity can be born from mere boredom.

Conservatism and the Importance of Uncertainty

The right should admit it doesn’t have all the answers and resist the impulse to run other people’s lives.

The Great Gildersleeve’s Fight for the Classics

The idea that we can appreciate ancient Greece and Rome without learning their languages was once unfathomable.

The Hedonism of Reading Good Books

It’s a pleasure that infuses life with richness and it’s available for the price of a library card.

The Liberal Arts Won’t Save Our Souls

But they may yet forestall our base urges and make good citizens out of us. Cable news can never accomplish that.

Hail Cicero, a Death and Afterlife

He couldn’t save the Roman republic, but his writing crossed centuries to help inspire ours.