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The ISIS AUMF Scrambles Washington

Neither left nor right can keep straight what they think of the resolution, or America’s relevant interests.

Can U.S. Foreign Policy Be Saved?

Three new books set sentimentality aside to impose limits on runaway American internationalism.

A Victory for the Rule of Law

Overambitious prosecutors who stretched insider trading laws are reined in by the courts.

Federalism Can Still Save Religious Liberty

In an America divided over sex and marriage, devolution is once again the best solution.

Devolution Is Superior to Secession

Calls for secession are often strong indicators that too much power is centralized.

Race and Place in America

Empowering local institutions can strengthen communities divided by distrust.

An American Return to Peace

A strong, sober realism can restore a U.S. foreign policy hijacked by progressive idealism.

Gay Marriage as Modern Marriage

In her essay “Can Marriage Be Saved?,” Boston College Scholar in Residence Laura …

The VA’s Bureaucracy Always Wins—Until Now

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki has been forced to resign. This bizarre …

Musical Beauty Makes a Comeback

The atonal agony of symphonic nihilism finally beats its slow retreat.

Rousseau’s American Heirs Fight the Final Prejudice

Joseph Bottom’s An Anxious Age has stirred up quite a debate over …

Reagan’s Philosophical Fusionism

Conservatism’s political power is derived from its ideas, not the other way around.

Russia’s Blunder Needs a Realist’s Response

It is amazing to find the Obama administration, the old George W. …

Ukraine and Syria’s Common Path to Resolution

When columnist Peggy Noonan asked, “Whose Side Are We On?” about Ukraine, …

Protecting the Constitution from Executive Order

President Barack Obama has made it absolutely clear that he will rule …

The Wall Street Journal’s Mythical Mideast Moderates

The media has missed the real story in former Defense Secretary Robert …

How the Right and Left Are Revising “Tough on Crime”

Bureaucratic mass incarceration is an unwelcome innovation in America.

The Shutdown and Sequestration: A Means and an End

Did the Republicans get their butt kicked by shutting down the government …

Are American Christians Paranoid?

Despite its demographic advantage, Christianity is increasingly under real political and cultural pressure.

Freedom or Virtue?

Pure traditionalism and absolute liberty alike fail the Constitution.

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