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Big Government Takes a Bite Out of Food Trucks

Chicago’s move to protect its restaurant industry is cronyism at its worst.

Republicans Lose Faith in the FBI for All the Wrong Reasons

Massive civil liberties abuses they don’t mind; perceived attacks on Donald Trump are another story.

The Dickensian Return of Debtors’ Prisons

In their usual money-making zeal, local governments have targeted the poor and brought us back to the 19th century.

Baltimore’s Failed Surveillance Regime

Everything from red-light cameras to a Cessna plane hasn’t made the city safer.

Dirt Boxes: The Newest Government Tool for Warrantless Privacy Invasion

Why these cell phone tower-mimicking devices could become a civil liberties nightmare.

Big Brother Comes to the Bathroom

The latest idea for the mollycoddled generation: anti-bullying cameras in all school lavatories.

Big Brother Wants Warrantless Access to Your Smartphone

Journalists banding together to fight 4th Amendment violations in court.