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Daniel Kishi is a former associate editor of The American Conservative.

Up From Consumerism

Oren Cass’s productive pluralism is a necessary first step towards restoring the dignity of work and family life.

Urban America: For Richer or For Poorer

Reflecting national trends, our cities are forming two tiers, self-sorting into haves and have-nots.

It Still Bleeds, But It No Longer Leads

The death of the newspaper industry is being hastened by those who want to profit off of it.

Against Bigness? Begin By Breaking Up Big Tech

A conversation with Tim Wu about his new book on modern monopolies and their real threat to democracy.

Amazon’s Great HQ2 Swindle

The tech giant decides to build in the most predictable places imaginable, after taking the rest of us for a ride.

Robert Bork’s America

Published 40 years ago, Bork’s book on antitrust law fundamentally changed America’s economy for the worse.

How Facebook Became the Assassin of Good Journalism

Its algorithms allowed clickbait to smother valuable local coverage.

Time for a Conservative Anti-Monopoly Movement

Amazon, Facebook and Google: The new robber barons?

Collateral Damage in Trump’s War with the ‘Fake News Media’

Enemies? More like ‘frenemies,’ with benefits. And we’re the one’s paying.