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When the Fed Became a Socialist Job Creator

With the Depression at their backs, New Deal Democrats created a system that had much more than monetary policy in mind.

The Pro-Inflation Fed is Taking Us to a Dark Place

Our central bank is a seriously conflicted organization that pretends it can manage interest rates and the global economy.

China Has Already Lost the Trade War

Consumers might still feel the pinch, but ultimately Beijing needs our surplus more than we need their trade.

When Deutsche Bank’s Crisis Becomes Our Crisis

Our friends in Europe seem totally incapable of addressing their failing financial sector. And that’s not good for anyone.

Trump is Right to Blow Up the Fed

The Federal Reserve is out of control, acting in ways and with powers that were never explicitly granted by Congress.

Don’t Blame Trump’s Tariffs for the Global Slowdown

Keep your eyes on fiscal spending, regulation, and monetary policy instead.

Italy Succumbs (Again) to Mob Politics

And right now our affairs of state are headed in the same direction as theirs.

Cutting Through the Fed’s Orwellian Doublethink

They keep accommodating the Treasury Department’s excesses. Will the new chairman continue to say one thing and do another?

Bitcoin: The Most Impressive Speculative Bubble In Modern History

The effusive praise for this cryptocurrency is nothing but self-generated flimflam.

Big Banks on the Loose

This is crony capitalism on steroids.

An Economic Primer for Stagnant Times

Can economist David M. Smick’s 14-point plan for Main Street capitalism turn the economy around?