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Don’t Allow McConnell To Thwart Vote on Yemen

As politicians play games on Capitol Hill, an entire country roils with hunger, disease and destruction.

The Blob and the Hell of Good Intentions

Stephen Walt takes aim at the dysfunctional caste of privileged insiders who botch our foreign policy and then ‘fail up.’

Assessing the President-Elect’s Foreign Policy Advisors

Some may argue for restraint, but is Trump willing to listen?

Is Empire Inevitable?

Unless the sensible center speaks up, an interventionist elite will continue to dominate U.S. foreign policy.

Robert Gates: The Soldiers’ Secretary?

The former secretary of defense’s memoir shows that good intentions won’t fix U.S. foreign policy.

Breaking Ranks

The answer to military strain is not more troops but less war.

Like Tourists With Guns

Imperial Grunts: The American Military on the Ground, Robert Kaplan, Random House, 375 pages