Christopher Layne

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Rising China Signals Historic Power Transition

The U.S. must face a shift of its own influence on the Korean Peninsula.
Christopher Layne November 30, 2017

Is the United States in Decline?

No state stays on top of the great power pyramid forever.
Christopher Layne August 8, 2017

Troops Now, Strategy Later?

The U.S. has exhausted its strategic options in Afghanistan.
Christopher Layne June 20, 2017

The Big Forces of History

Can the era of America’s global dominance be sustained?
Christopher Layne February 10, 2017

Stuck in the Middle East

Offshore balancing is the right strategy, if Obama has the courage for it.
Christopher Layne January 4, 2016

Graceful Decline

The end of Pax Americana
Christopher Layne May 1, 2010

Balancing Act

The U.S. could be more secure by doing less.
Christopher Layne September 10, 2007

Iran: The Logic of Deterrence

Tehran’s quest for nuclear weapons is a rational response to a real threat, which makes diplomacy a more prudent option than regime change.
Christopher Layne April 10, 2006