Author Archives: Chris R. Morgan

Let the Skateboarders Alone

Why Jordan Peterson sides with the kids against the security guards.

In Defense of Bowling Alone

There’s something exquisite about solitude, away from the din of voices and social media.

Wolverines! Rocky! … Comrade Detective?

Strange series reaches for 80’s Cold War nostalgia, lands in Konfusionstan.

Twin Peaks Reconsidered

As with any town, Twin Peaks will have had to weather the passage of time. It will have decayed and aged. It will have been razed and paved over.

Telling a Story Within a Single Frame

Like a great filmmaker, photographer Gregory Crewdson captures the human vulnerability in places we’d rather forget.

How to Make Amends

Eve Tushnet shows that therapy and recovery are mere balms without the work of mercy.

Ireland Is World Enough

Hubert Butler’s literary localism is nationalism of the right kind.

Don Colacho’s Epitaphs

Nicolás Gómez Dávila’s aphorisms are a reactionary’s sharpest weapon.

Carrying the Torch for Karl Kraus

Jonathan Franzen rebrands the classic Austrian writer for a modern American audience.