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The Conservative Case for Universal Healthcare

Why in five years, the American right will embrace socialized medicine.
Chase Madar July 25, 2017

The Case for Clemency

To forgive prisoners is divine—or as close as government gets.
Chase Madar December 21, 2015

A Republican Against Prisons

Virginia’s ex-attorney general is taking on the incarceration state.
Chase Madar February 3, 2015

The Dirty History of Habeas Corpus

The biography of "negative liberty" encompasses a past rife with social upheaval and hypocrisy.
Chase Madar May 8, 2014

The Anti-Warrior

Micah Zenko brings peace to the Council on Foreign Relations.
Chase Madar March 18, 2014

Vietnam: A War on Civilians

On the 50th Anniversary of My Lai massacre, we're re-visiting Nick Turse's groundbreaking reporting on the atrocities that were covered up.
Chase Madar July 30, 2013

How State Secrecy Leads to War

And why Bradley Manning has done more for American security than Seal Team Six.
Chase Madar June 11, 2013

Legal Atrocities

Do the WikiLeaks war logs reveal war crimes -- or the poverty of international law?
Chase Madar April 16, 2012