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Was ‘White Flight’ a Personal Economic Decision?

Race may have been an accelerant for the drain to the suburbs after WWII, but it wasn't the initial spark.
Charles Marohn September 21, 2018

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Gets Some Things Right

There's lots to like, and it could have been much worse.
Charles Marohn February 2, 2018

Slow the Cars

Streets emphasize wealth creation. Roads are about movement. Combining the two functions is folly.
Charles Marohn January 19, 2018

Cities for People—or Cars?

New Urbanism rediscovers centuries of walkable wisdom.
Charles Marohn April 22, 2015

Traditional Development Is a Municipal Gold Mine

Even the most run-down walkable block can be far more valuable than a shiny new drive-thru.
Charles Marohn November 7, 2014

The Conservative Case Against the Suburbs

Unsustainable, government-subsidized sprawl is collapsing under the weight of its own insolvency.
Charles Marohn October 15, 2014

The High Price of Free Parking

An app that allows people to sell street-side parking spots is a market solution to bad planning.
Charles Marohn October 8, 2014

Indiana’s Toll Road Goes Bankrupt

America's highway system needs more feedback mechanisms, before we build our states into bankruptcy.
Charles Marohn October 3, 2014