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Rubio’s Florida Endgame

The establishment favorite is done. But Republicans in the Sunshine State will be the last to admit it.

James Garner: Anti-Authoritarian Everyman

“The Rockford Files” gave voice to an honorable distrust of authority after Watergate and Vietnam.

Football Is Not a Fantasy

The real sport’s ethical and medical dangers can’t be ignored in the name of virtual fun.

The Questions Breaking Bad Won’t Answer

The show dramatizes the plight of middle-class men, but only reinforces the Drug War’s conventional wisdom.

Manchester Heroes

New books chronicle two of the city’s most iconic bands: Joy Division and the Smiths.

Old Possum’s Book of Practical Duets

George Jones and Tammy Wynette’s collaborations are as complex as their relationship was.

Angus’s Beef: The Trouble With ‘Two and a Half Men’

A child star lashes out against his own show, but it’s as unkillable as a cockroach.

The Tragedy of Stoner Comedy

For Hollywood, marijuana prohibition is a joke.

“I’m Your Baby, Tonight”

Whitney Houston, the NFL, and cultural imperialism By A.G. Gancarski | February …

Cable’s Catechism

Most American Catholics, even those who never watch the Eternal Word Television …

Out of Time

Before the hits and long decline, R.E.M. remade Southern rock.

Ballads of bin Laden

Surreal Housewives

On Bravo’s hit show, the gender roles are as artificial as the …

Death Throws

The demise of sports journalism