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Are We Really ‘At War’ With Russia?

After two decades of failed Mideast war, the Washington war machine keeps on rolling
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Did you authorize this?

This is infuriating! We are at war with Russia, are we? Do you want to be at war with Russia, which has nuclear weapons? Do you want to risk nuclear annihilation over Ukraine? Most of the Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill do. What is wrong with us?!

Forty billion dollars our elected representatives approved sending to the Ukrainians this week. Forty. Billion. Dollars. Not just the Democrats, but the Republicans too. Meanwhile, people are having trouble buying groceries here at home, thanks to inflation.

But we are involving ourselves more and more in somebody else’s war.

Well, Sen. Rand Paul does:

Who benefits from this? Aside from US defense contractors, I mean.

I see today that Finland and Sweden are now applying to join NATO. I don’t blame them. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was a colossal geopolitical mistake. That said, our leaders ought to be doing their best to bring this war to an end before it goes nuclear. They’re not, though, at least not American leaders not named Rand Paul.

You watch: decades from now, when historians write about the decline and fall of the American Empire this is going to figure prominently.



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