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Anti-Catholic Hate At Notre Dame

A sign of the times on campus

Shocking news from the University of Notre Dame:

Last Thursday, an unauthorized sign with the words, “There is Queer Blood on Homophobic Hands,” was placed outside DeBartolo Hall and widely shared across social media. The sign contained many articles from the Irish Rover and the Observer which reflect Catholic doctrine regarding human sexuality, implying that the authors of these were responsible for the deaths of “queer” people nationwide.

Most shockingly, the sign’s message was painted in blood red, and the names of the articles’ writers were all circled in blood-red paint, drawing hostile attention to individual members of the Notre Dame community. Among the names circled in red paint were those of current students, faculty, and alumni of the University.

The inflammatory sign was placed anonymously, and no one has yet to claim responsibility for it. Student government’s Director of Gender Relations, senior Anne Jarrett, publicly shared her support for the sign—or at least disappointment that it was taken down—tweeting that she swore at “someone [who] pushed down the anti homophobia art display.”

According to the student government website, the department which Jarrett leads “works to foster a healthy environment of communication and dialogue.” This description raises questions about whether this kind of accusatory display, which had palpably violent undertones, is what the student government sees as part of a healthy campus dialogue.

Read the whole thing.

Here’s what’s going on with Anne Jarrett (pronouns: they/them):


Whoever put this sign up slandered others at Notre Dame, attacked free speech, and is clearly trying to incite violence against them with that kind of incendiary rhetoric and symbolism.

A line has been crossed. What is the university going to do about it?  Why on earth is Anne Jarrett leading a department that “works to foster a healthy environment of communication and dialogue” when she supports a display that grotesquely slanders others at Notre Dame as murderers?

I’ll update you as I find out.



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