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Stockholm Syndrome-afflicted Brooklyn wokesters feel sorry for black vagrant who murdered dog
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It is sometimes said that a liberal is someone who won't take their own side in a fight. A Park Slope liberal is someone who won't take the side of a dog killed in cold blood by a Person Of Color. That dog up above is not the one in question, but perhaps she feels so frightened because she's in Brooklyn, and she knows she has white privilege. From the NYT:

On Aug. 3, Jessica Chrustic, 40, a professional beekeeper, was walking her dog in Prospect Park a little after 6 a.m. when she saw a man rifling through the garbage outside the Picnic House. She had seen the man before — tall, with dreadlocks wrapped in a turban, carrying a long staff and often muttering to himself or cursing — and she usually kept her distance. But this morning there was no room to avoid him.

According to Ms. Chrustic, he started yelling about immigrants taking over the park, then grabbed a bottle of what she later concluded was urine and sloshed it at her and her dog. She tried to run away, but Moose, her 80-pound golden retriever mix, was straining toward the man, trying to protect her.

The man started swinging the stick, she said. One blow hit her, not seriously. Another connected solidly with the dog’s snout. Mary Rowland, 56, a hospital manager who was walking her dog nearby, said she heard the crack of wood on bone and came running toward them, screaming at the man to get away.

Both women called 911, and four patrol cars arrived within a few minutes. But by then, the man was gone. “Moose was bleeding from his mouth and pulling to get home,” Ms. Chrustic said. “My focus was just on caring for him.”


Moose died. Jessica let her neighbors know what had happened. Many sympathized with her. But not all. More:

A vocal minority asked why Park Slope residents, mostly white, were calling for the police to take down a man who appeared to be homeless and emotionally disturbed. Others called the man a “monster,” a “predator” or a “psychopath.” As on other social media platforms, the most ardent voices made the most noise.

Martin Lofsnes, 52, a dancer and choreographer who moved out of the neighborhood in 2020, came across the conversation while trying to sell some stuff and was appalled by the vitriol directed at an impoverished man, and by what he called “this vigilante attitude.”

He urged people on the thread to put their emotions aside and consider “400 yrs of systematic racism which has prevented black people from building generational wealth through homeownership resulting in the extreme disparity we see today.” Arresting the man, he wrote, would solve none of that.

With all the affluence in Park Slope, he posted, maybe critics should raise money to help the man, not throw him to the lethal jail system, from which he would most likely emerge more dangerous, or not emerge at all.

A liberal gay white guy named Kris tried to start a citizen patrol, to take back the park. He called it the "Park Slope Panthers". That brought out the woke trolls:

Then there was the group’s name, which was an immediate flash point: a white financial services guy using the Panther name to take action against a Black man. At the group’s first and only meeting, the scattering of potential volunteers was met by a group of four people, all white, who showed up to disrupt the proceedings.

As described in the news site Hell Gate and the newsletter Common Sense, things went awry almost from the start. A man calling himself Snow told the group, “We are super not into you guys having your meeting, or doing anything in the park,” according to Hell Gate. “The opposite of what we need right now is more cops in this park and more people who want to be helping the cops in this park, when people are already being, like, chased down by the cops.”

To the delight of people who enjoy making fun of Park Slope liberals, one of the disrupters, a woman calling herself Sky, said, “Crime is an abstract term that means nothing in a lot of ways,” according to Common Sense.

A few days after the meeting, someone spray-painted the sidewalk outside Mr. Nammack’s apartment: “Don’t Be a Cop, Kris.” It rattled him. “Even being gay, I don’t know that I’ve ever been the target of hate,” he said. “I felt that I was the target of hate.” He decided he did not have the time or energy to continue the group.

It gets worse. Read it all.

It's like Stockholm Syndrome. These progressive loonies sympathize with those who terrorize them, as long as the terrorizers are from a sacred victim group. Same thing happens in Europe all the time. A few years ago, I saw a news report about a German woman who was raped in a park by a Middle Eastern immigrant. She reported it to the police -- and was mobbed online by progressives who accused her of making life hard for a poor suffering refugee. How does that happen to people? How do they come to hate themselves so much that they are prepared to endure rape, the killing of their pets, and all manner of violent crime if committed against them by minorities?

This is how you get Bernie Goetz. This is how you get fictional characters like Dirty Harry. And this is how you get the suburbs.