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And the Baby Waves Back

The last half-century of American history is haunted by more than 65 million ghosts.

Father Rosario Thomas, with Operation Rescue, is c
(Photo credit DON EMMERT/AFP via Getty Images)

The Story of Abortion in America: A Street-Level History, 1652–2022, by Marvin Olasky and Leah Savas, Crossway, 512 pages.

From the colonial days to the Dobbs decision, Olasky and Savas weave a narrative of abortion from scores of stories from the street. There, we discover, abortion is not a lofty matter of women’s rights and vague euphemisms. It is a tool of predatory men, a story of cracked bones and tiny corpses. This essential history debunks many long-held myths that have deformed the debate that has shaped American politics.


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