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Americans Must Render Judgment Against Joe Biden At The Polls

If the Vice President is implicated in Ukraine or China corruption, this will only matter if he loses
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The election is right around the corner and, as expected, it is not without its share of bombshells. The most recent bombshells were revealed by the NY Post, which detailed a web of emails and transactions allegedly involving Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, China, Ukraine, and others. Despite the serious nature of these alleged “transactions,” Joe Biden has not been questioned about the troubling information. Of course, from the perspective of the Democratic establishment, there is no reason for Joe Biden to address these reports.

Specifically, if Biden is elected (and Democrats retain the House and gain control of the Senate), the establishment could control Biden’s future whether or not he is implicated in any wrongdoing.  Therefore, if Biden is implicated, this will only really matter if he loses the election. As such, to prevent a possible miscarriage of justice, Americans must render judgment and punish Biden at the polls.

Let’s assume that the emails are authentic (it now appears that they are), that the sources are all credible, and that Joe and Hunter Biden were engaged in criminal or other nefarious conduct. If Joe Biden is elected president in November, the left-wing establishment can approach Biden’s potential wrongdoing in several ways.

On one hand, the left-wing Establishment can take the position that Biden’s alleged wrongdoing cannot result in his indictment while he is president, as this would “undermine the capacity of the executive branch to perform its constitutionally assigned functions.” This is not set in stone, however, and would possibly be legally challenged. It would also be contrary to the position that many Democrats took with respect to President Trump. They could also argue that Biden’s conduct is not impeachable because a president cannot be impeached for conduct that occurred before he took office. Therefore, if Democrats maintained control of the House, impeachment could be a non-starter even if Biden was involved in any wrongdoing.

On the other hand, Biden’s potential wrongdoing could provide an opening for Democrats to remove him from office and to replace him with Kamala Harris, who would be next-in-line. This is not outside the realm of possibility, as many believe that Biden is merely a conduit for an eventual Harris presidency. This position is bolstered by Nancy Pelosi’s recent press conference regarding the formation of a commission that would allow Congress to oust a president from office, using the 25th Amendment. Many considered this to be a preview of the left’s plans to remove Biden should he win in November.

While the information about Joe and Hunter Biden is highly relevant to Joe Biden’s fitness to serve as president, the Democratic Establishment and its various left-wing mouthpieces have no reason to address it and every reason to avoid it. After all, if Joe Biden is elected president and Democrats retain the House and take control of the Senate, any action against Joe Biden is unlikely until after his term as president expires (or at all) unless there is an attempt to prosecute a sitting president based on sufficient evidence. Moreover, even if Biden’s conduct is found to be improper or illegal, Democrats could ultimately decide whether or not to impeach him so long as they maintain control of the House (removal, of course, would depend on who controls the Senate). If they chose to do so, Harris would become president, which is in line with what many on the left seem to desire.

In reality, the most significant impact that the recent bombshells could have is on voters, which is why Biden has chosen not to address them and why the left-wing media and debate “moderators” have not questioned him about them. While the moderator briefly brought the issue up last night, she also interrupted the president regularly when he tried to press Biden about the damning reports. It is also why tech giants like Twitter and Facebook have joined in blocking the NY Post and others from disseminating the information.

If Biden can simply get through the next week or so without addressing the damning NY Post stories, he might be able to put them to rest (temporarily) if he is elected. Of course, recent polling shows a shift against Biden since the NY Post’s articles. Therefore, Biden is playing with fire and taking a chance by failing to address the allegations head-on. As was evident in last week’s debate, Biden’s response to the bombshell reports included the all-too-often utilized Russia disinformation defense, a blanket denial (“not true”), and that he did not get any money from foreign countries (this does not mean that his family didn’t receive such payments which were subsequently “shared” with Biden).

While the recent bombshell reports against Joe and Hunter Biden are very serious and warrant further investigation, they will be most impactful and significant if Joe Biden loses the election. Given that they were released so close to election day, it is doubtful that any significant legal action, if warranted, will be taken against the former vice-president prior to November 3rd. As such, it is up to the American public to penalize Biden for his alleged involvement and conduct at the polls. If they don’t, and if Democrats have a strong showing at the polls, the allegations involving Joe and Hunter Biden could become yet another set of disturbing allegations that go unpunished.

Elad Hakim is a writer, commentator and a practicing attorney.  His articles have been published in The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, The Epoch Times, The Western Journal, American Thinker and other online publications.  



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