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Alternative Commerce App Invests in a Culture of Life

State of the Union: PublicSq. offers a generous bonus to employees who grow their families.
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(Photo by Julian Stratenschulte/picture alliance via Getty Images)

The alternative e-commerce app PublicSq. announced last week that they will offer a $5,000 bonus to their employees who have a baby or adopt. “While some companies in America pay their employees to kill their unborn children, we pay ours to have as many babies as possible,” tweeted CEO Michael Seifert.

Is this what Klaus Schwab means by corporate social responsibility? If so, then Seifert and his company are being perfectly responsible.


Efforts to expand child tax credits and make birth free will continue apace, but it is refreshing to see the efficiency of a more or less voluntary association implement a policy that will clearly redound to the common good of the company, of the employees’ families, and of the nation as a whole.

Creating generous incentives to procreate makes it difficult to resist the culture of life. Whether PublicSq. will be able to continue disbursing $5,000 for every new child is a problem of its own. But when the fertility rate has been below replacement for over a decade, when the suicide hotline is ringing off the hook, when the number of states that permit assisted suicide has tripled in the past five years, anything helps.


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