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'A little apathy goes a long way'

Richard Yuengling, president of Pennsylvania’s Yuengling Brewery, endorsed Donald Trump for president. Now, the Social Justice Beer Drinkers are planning to make him pay:

After the campaign event, some Yuengling fans have said they would no longer drink the beer.

“Everybody understands that the dollars that we now put into the marketplace have the potential to come back at us,” Brian Sims, a Pennsylvania state representative from Philadelphia, said in an interview on Thursday. “I want my dollars spent in a way that at the very least doesn’t hurt me, and hopefully supports me.”

Mr. Sims, a Democrat who became the state’s first openly gay legislator when he was elected in 2012, called for bars in Philadelphia’s “Gayborhood” to take Yuengling off tap and halt future orders. Two bars have agreed so far, Mr. Sims said, adding that he plans to expand his efforts to bars beyond the L.G.B.T. community.

At the same time, some users on social media have also pledged to stop drinking Yuengling. While it’s unclear how many customers Yuengling could lose, the episode shows the risk that business owners take in dipping their toes in politics.

“It’s not about who the owner wants to vote for; he can vote for whoever he wants,” Mr. Sims said, adding that he has drunk Yuengling since he became of drinking age. “But that support he’s giving is support he has because we’ve given it to them.”

Read the whole thing.  Ridiculous. Of course the guy the Times quotes as one of the leaders of the charge is a gay man. It’s not enough for him to win (Hillary’s up by 7 points in Pennsylvania); he has to make sure that people whose political opinions he doesn’t like are damaged in every way possible.

A reader cracks wise: “Why do people care so much about trivial things? A little apathy goes a long way.” True dat.



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