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A Tale Of Two Murderers

Andre Bing and Anderson Aldrich committed mass murder in recent days. But only one of these killers is useful to the Left's narrative
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Andre Bing massacred six of his co-workers at Walmart this week, then killed himself. Cops haven't yet released a clear motive, other than that according to a manifesto on his phone, he claims that he felt harassed by them (though he was their manager!). From early details, it seems like he was -- surprise! -- a sullen loner. He was a black man. His victims were both black and white. There seems to be no convenient political lesson the media and the Left can draw from this savage crime, so it's just an ordinary story -- an awful one, obviously, but politically meaningless. Well, a New York Times headline writer seems to be blaming guns, but then, water is wet and fire is hot:


More information has come out now about the gunman in the Colorado Springs gay nightclub shooting, particularly that his estranged father is a drug-addled porn star who's an ex-con, and who showed up for the TV cameras in a state of inebriation to talk about how he's a "conservative Republican" who doesn't like gay people. Watch:

This lunatic is straight out of central casting. Having seen it, I think it's possible, maybe even likely, that his son is claiming a non-binary identity to try to avoid hate crimes charges. But who knows? We know now that the young man had two crazy and radically dysfunctional parents, and that he was bullied terribly in high school. Why did he target gay people? Why did he target his mother last year, and livestream the showdown he orchestrated with the SWAT team? He is clearly mentally ill. I cannot feel sorry for a young man who murdered others, but if we are trying to understand why he did it, we need to admit as much relevant evidence as we can. Remember that young monster who murdered all those black people in church in South Carolina a few years back? He was a straight-up race hater, no question. But as the Washington Post reporter Stephanie McCrummen disclosed in this incredible piece of feature writing, titled appropriately "An American Void," race hatred might well have been the way Dylann Roof made sense of the catastrophe that was his life, with all the adults in it having failed him spectacularly. I would not be surprised if we find out something similar about the Colorado Springs shooter. This in no way justifies their homicidal bigotry, but it does help explain how someone turns to it. We might also find out something similar about the Walmart shooter, the black man. But the Walmart shooter's malice does not fit into a political narrative useful to the Left, so it's going to quickly go down the memory hole.

The truth is, American society -- the Left, the Right, the middle, so very many of us -- is failing. We are conspicuously failing the young. It's so very easy for all of us -- I don't excuse myself either -- to jump to easy explanations of atrocities like Colorado Springs, not only to reinforce our own prejudices, but also to put an easy set of boundaries around radical evil, to make it seem controllable, and therefore less threatening to us. What deeply alarms me, though, is how the people who control the narrative-forming institutions of our society, and even now the institutions of state, especially criminal justice, have decided on a simplistic narrative that demonizes any and all people who challenge it. Tucker Carlson's monologue last night was chilling, and I hope you will watch it. He details how the Machine -- the media, a former senior FBI official, and others -- come together to demonize people who call out the insane sexualization of children, saying that noticing it and calling it evil means that we have blood on our hands, and should face penalties including civil liability.

This is what the whole "stochastic terrorism" smear is about: the idea, popular on the Left in the media, that even if you cannot logically blame conservatives for atrocities like Colorado Springs, it is nevertheless conservatives' fault, because they create a kind of ambient hatred. "Stochastic terrorism" is a magical word that allows the Left to smear everyone who disagrees with them, using a scientific-sounding Big Word that justifies their witch-hunting.


Chris Rufo is right here:


Notice this morning how the narrative has changed. You remember how the Left has instructed us all that if people claim to be a man, a woman, or non-binary, then we MUST believe them, and live by that, no matter what -- especially no matter what they look like. Well, except for Anderson Aldrich:

We see what a manipulative clown show all this is. Don't be intimidated by it. Don't accept the lie. Don't be a cud-chewing cow, staying silent while the ruling class and its megaphones slander and demonize normal people. It has to be possible to condemn true bigots and their bigotry without calling anybody who objects to anything the Left claims a bigot. If we don't live by that principle, we are going to have civil war. Don't let them intimidate you into refusing to stand up against the evil of sexualizing children! As Wes Yang wrote on his Substack yesterday, the power of those who are destroying our society depends on the "docility" of normies in the face of the radicals' audacity and accusation.


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This is why you need to be in the USA to fully grasp the public mood when stuff like this happens-- do not rely on the now moribund Twitter and similar fun house mirrors (and certainly not Tucker Carlson by whom I would not want to get a weather report- he'd probably blame a blizzard on Joe Biden and Hunter's laptop). The Walmart shooter was a Walmart employee (a manager I think). The bulk of the commentary I am hearing around is casting aspersions on Walmart for how badly they treat their people, perhaps causing this guy to snap. Which may or may not be a real factor-- but there is cultural buzz and litigation about the crime. It isn't being ignored.
schedule 10 months ago
Eusebius Pamphilus
Eusebius Pamphilus
Soooo.... the left are stochastic pedophiles?!?!?!?!?!?
schedule 10 months ago