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Click here to see video from our fall conference.
summit on realism and restraint conference

On November 4, 2015, The American Conservative partnered with The Charles Koch Institute and the Department of Political Science at The George Washington University to produce the Summit on Realism & Restraint: A New Way Forward for American Foreign Policy.

Panelists and speakers discussed conservative alternatives to the interventionist and isolationist camps in Washington, and how a revival of realism and restraint can improve America’s prospects.

If you missed the livestream catch up with the videos linked below, as well as our editors’ livetweet —and be sure to join the discussion on Twitter yourself using the hashtag #newwayforward.


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The program for the conference was as follows:


8:30am Welcome
Samuel Goldman, Department of Political Science, George Washington University
Daniel McCarthy, editor, The American Conservative
8:40am Opening Remarks
Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr. (R-Tenn.)


9:00am Conservative Realism and Restraint: What’s the Right Foreign Policy?
moderated by Benjamin Schwarz, national editor, The American Conservative
William Ruger, vice president, The Charles Koch Institute
John Lenczowski, president, Institute of World Politics
Daniel Larison, senior editor, The American Conservative
Kori Schake, research fellow, The Hoover Institution; contributor, Foreign Policy


10:15am Elites and the Public: How Foreign Policy Is Made
moderated by Scott McConnell, founding editor, The American Conservative
Robert W. Merry, contributing editor, The National Interest
Michael Desch, professor of political science, University of Notre Dame
Emma Ashford, visiting research fellow, The Cato Institute
Leon Hadar, senior analyst, Wikistrat


11:30am What Religion Means for U.S. Foreign Policy
moderated by Catherine Addington, editorial fellow, The American Conservative
Damon Linker, senior correspondent, TheWeek.com
Samuel Goldman, assistant professor, George Washington University
Noah Millman, senior editor, The American Conservative
Fr. Thomas Zain, vicar general, Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America


12:30pm The State and Modern War
moderated by Daniel McCarthy, editor, The American Conservative
Philip Giraldi, executive director, Council for the National Interest
William S. Lind, author, the Maneuver Warfare Handbook
1:15pm Closing Remarks



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