In the midst of a hope-inducing article on the ever-increasing popularity of homeschooling (up 74% since 1999, and 36% since 2003!), there is this tidbit:

The 2003 survey gave parents six reasons to pick as their motivation. (They could choose more than one.) The 2007 survey added a seventh: an interest in a "non-traditional approach," a reference to parents dubbed "unschoolers," who regard standard curriculum methods and standardized testing as counterproductive to a quality education.

"We wanted to identify the parents who are part of the ‘unschooling’ movement," Mulligan says. The "unschooling" group is viewed by educators as a subset of home-schoolers, who generally follow standard curriculum and grading systems. "Unschoolers" create their own systems.

It may not surprise you at all to hear that I’ve got friends in Berkeley who do this. They’ve got three daughters, loads of old issues of National Geographic lying around the house, and … well, I think that’s it. Smart kids, too. Angela and I do plan on homeschooling, but probably with a bit more structure than this – except, perhaps, on Mondays.

(Image via Flickrer Knitting Iris.)