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Iran Hawks and Arms Control Agreements

Opponents of the nuclear deal that have no use for arms control or the agreements that make it possible.

Posted March 3rd, 2015

The Weak Objections to a Nuclear Deal

Rejecting a significant agreement with Iran on the nuclear issue because it may expire decades from now is mindless.

Posted November 24th, 2014

Conservatives, Hard-liners, and Diplomacy

Conservatives should recoil from the mentality of hard-liners on Iran.

Posted November 24th, 2014

Romney Wasn’t “Churchill-Like” on Russia, He Was Thoroughly Ignorant

Robert O’Brien drones on about Churchill for a while, and then makes …

Posted April 11th, 2014

Russia and the INF Treaty

Nikolai Sokov and Miles Pomper recently reviewed allegations that Russia is violating …

Posted February 12th, 2014

Partisanship and Diplomacy

Paul Pillar worries about the incentives for partisans to undermine a comprehensive …

Posted January 13th, 2014

Lieberman and the American Internationalism Project

Josh Rogin reports that Joe Lieberman will be joining a new project …

Posted March 11th, 2013

Conservative Media’s Propaganda Problem

I second what Dan McCarthy says here: That spirit of fair play …

Posted March 9th, 2013

The GOP’s Easily Avoidable Self-Inflicted Wounds on Foreign Policy

Republican Nebraska Sen. Mike Johanns has reportedly announced his support for Hagel’s …

Posted February 2nd, 2013

Republican Hawks Run Away From Their Own Echo

Danielle Pletka revisits the role of foreign policy in the Romney campaign: …

Posted January 4th, 2013

Drezner: Maybe Romney Just Doesn’t Care About Foreign Policy

Dan Drezner makes this observation about Romney in his endorsement of Obama: …

Posted November 2nd, 2012

The Shrinking Foreign Policy Debate

My new column for The Week on some of the meaningful foreign …

Posted September 10th, 2012

Romney Is Not an International Man of Mystery

David Ignatius joins the legions of people pretending not to be able …

Posted August 25th, 2012

Romney’s Illogical Foreign Trip and Why He Feels Compelled To Go Abroad

Justin Logan discusses the “political illogic” of Romney’s overseas trip: There’s also …

Posted July 6th, 2012