Oaxaca, Mexico

Our reader writes:

Not the prettiest photo nor the healthiest meal, but this is the kind of delicious, hearty, and low budget breakfast found at La Merced market in Oaxaca. It’s called Salsa Mixta Roja con huevos, queso oaxaqueno, chicharrones, frijoles, y chiles. The enormous plate comes to the table boiling hot, with plenty of corn tortillas to wipe it all clean. It is an excellent way to begin a day walking through the ruins at Monte Alban–that is if you can resist the urge to go back to sleep or at least spend the day people-watching on the zocalo!

Are you kidding about the quality of the photo and the meal? This image made me decide for sure that I want to go to Oaxaca some day. I’m serious about this. It reminded me of a Saveur article about eating in Oaxaca that I read a few years back. Thanks so much for this image.