A strong comment by Isidore the Farmer, on why he doesn’t want to hear any lectures by Sen. Rubio about civility:

No one that actually needs to hear what Rubio is saying care at all what he has to say. They are playing a different game by a different set of rules.

Here is what Rubio and most of the so-called conservatives refuse to understand: people like myself do not view the constitution as a suicide pact, and we are tired of watching people like him play by a set of rules that only guarantees he will lose. Rubio needs to realize that the set of rules he is defending have long since been replaced. He is bringing a knife to a tank-fight. And, like all conservatives, he will conserve nothing as a result: not even decorum.

The idea that the Constitution was a document that magically ratifies abortion, gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, open borders, or any of that evil nonsense is laughable. Furthermore, if that is the purpose it now serves, it has no value to me. Worse, it has become my enemy.

The dishonesty of the LGBT movement related to gay and marriage and transgenders, combined with the traditional conservative movement’s disdain of the white working class (my neighbors and my family), added to the insane notion that the chief executive of a sovereign nation can’t follow existing precedent to secure our borders, indicating that we must seemingly let in almost anyone that wishes to be here……..well, those things have made me more than willing to throw a few chairs around.

I serve on the board of a small, rural school. Last year, we had to waste time deciding how to handle Washington telling us that our boys and girls ought to be able to use whatever facility they choose. My wife, a great photographer, no longer takes pictures because we can’t risk six-figure lawsuits that would put us under, for merely refusing to glorify and make beautiful that which is hideous and ugly.

So, yeah, I’m ready to start throwing chairs. There are things that can bother a man much worse than seeing it all come crashing down.

The Constitution and Senatorial decorum, will never serve as a suicide pact I have to embrace just to watch them destroy so many of the customs my ancestors loved, and which I would want for my descendants to love as well.

Bull#@$% like that is why people like me swore, after the Gang of 8, that we would never vote for the likes of Rubio or Ryan ever again. Along with Bill Kristol, they can be among the first to be displaced and replaced, as far as I am concerned.

They have no idea the anger they are drawing up against them. They are hated a little bit more every day.